Ally Elementary Jr.

Ally Elementary Jr. gives you and the young kiddos in your life the building blocks you need to begin your journey to becoming anti-racist allies.

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Start your allyship journey

Ally Elementary Jr. is a program that gives you the building blocks you need to begin creating an anti-racist and inclusive culture in your family, community or school.

The video lessons and activities in this program are developmentally appropriate and will give you and the young kids in your life the confidence and vocabulary you need to have meaningful conversations now and as kids grow.

At the completion of this self-paced program, preschoolers through 3rd graders will have the tools and words they need to start growing into the anti-racist allies our communities need.

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What is the recommended age for Ally Elementary Jr.? 

Ally Elementary Jr. is developmentally appropriate for children in preschool-2nd grade. This program builds a foundation to talk about anti-racism as kids get older. 

For older kiddos, we have another program called Ally Elementary that was created for 3rd-8th graders. 

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What's included in Ally Elementary Jr.?

10 Video Lessons

Each video provides engaging lessons and hands-on activities to give kids the basic terminology they need to be able to move forward into one day being an anti-racist ally.

Engaging Activity Book

16 supplemental activities reinforce the video lessons in a way that is sure to keep kids creatively engaged and learning.

Expertly taught lessons

All the video lessons are taught by anti-racist educator Jasmine Bradshaw. With first-hand experience as a teacher and as a mom, I know how to teach the lessons in a way that's perfect for kiddos!

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Which topics will be covered?

  • What is an ally?
  • What is melanin?
  • What is the difference between ethnicity, nationality and culture?
  • What is bias?
  • What is discrimination? 
  • How can we respond when people are treated unfairly?
  • What tools do I have in my allyship toolbox?
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Tell me more about the activity book!

As the mama of a preschooler and a former 2nd grade teacher I know what little kiddos will get excited about! While children are putting together their family culture cube and playing I Spy: Flags of the World, you will have opportunities to help them develop pride in their identity and learn about the beauty that differences create in our world. 

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The why behind Ally Elementary Jr.

Research shows that children begin to develop racial prejudice before they are even in preschool. But you know what the research also shows? When children have parents, teachers, and caregivers who invest time into teaching them how to be an ally, they are more likely to take action when they see someone being treated unfairly.

I created Ally Elementary Jr. to help you take the guesswork out of teaching young children about bias, discrimination, and allyship. Ally Elementary Jr. is a concrete way to align actions with values of inclusion and anti-racism.

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Hi, I'm Jasmine Bradshaw!

I am an anti-racist educator, educational consultant, podcaster and founder of First Name Basis, a business that specializes in giving adults the tools they need to teach kids to be anti-bias, anti-racist and inclusive.

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