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Each of these resources is designed to help guide you on your journey to becoming an anti-racist family or classroom!

Bite-Sized Black History

Bite-Sized Black History is your key to a meaningful celebration of Black History in your home or classroom!

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Ally Elementary Jr. 

Ally Elementary Jr. gives you and your young kiddos the building blocks you need to becoming anti-racist allies.

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Ally Elementary 

Ally Elementary is your roadmap for raising the courageous, anti-racist allies our communities need. 

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Juneteenth Jubilee 

Everything you need to plan a meaningful Juneteenth celebration dinner!

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Policy Parties

Policy Parties are your opportunity to learn about the policies that are directly impacting marginalized communities. Your family can be part of the change. Come learn action steps from policy experts.

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Hi, I'm Jasmine Bradshaw!

I am a researcher, anti-racist educator, and podcaster who truly believes that creating a more loving, inclusive, and just society starts within the sacred walls of our homes.

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