Ally Elementary

Your roadmap for raising the courageous anti-racist allies our communities need.

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Become Allies Together

Ally Elementary is a program that gives your family everything you need to answer the question what is racism and what can we do about it?


After you press play on the video lessons and work together to complete meaningful activities you will breathe easier knowing that your kiddos are taking your family values of love, inclusion, and justice into the world with them.


At the completion of this five-week program your 3rd-8th graders will use the tools you’ve given them to confidently embrace their role as the anti-racist allies our communities need.

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What is the recommended age for Ally Elementary?

Ally Elementary is designed for 3rd-8th graders. They are developmentally ready to dive deep, learn these important truths and create an action plan.

If you have younger kiddos we have another program called Ally Elementary Jr. that was created for preschool-2nd graders.

My children are younger take me to Ally Elementary Jr.

What's included in Ally Elementary?

12 Video Lessons

Each video lesson answers your children's questions about race and helps you create a plan for how your family will move forward on your anti-racist journey.

Engaging Workbook

12 meaningful activities that accompany the video lessons to make sure that what they’ve learned nestles into their mind and heart. 

Ask the Expert

Access to a private, members-only community with Jasmine and other parents and caregivers who are on this journey with you.

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Bonus: Little Allies Activity Book

Since Ally Elementary is geared towards 3rd-8th graders we knew that you’d need additional activities so that your little allies can get in on the action in a way that’s developmentally appropriate. 


The Little Allies Activity Book includes: 

  • Color by number 
  • Protest I Spy 
  • Dot to dot
  • Anti-racist word search 
  • Black history unscramble 
  • And more!
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Which topics will be covered?

Module 1: Melanin

  • Lesson 1: What is melanin?
  • Lesson 2: My melanin 
  • Lesson 3: Differences

Module 2: Race

  • Lesson 1: What is race?
  • Lesson 2: Where did race come from?

Module 3: Racism

  • Lesson 1: Bias and prejudice 
  • Lesson 2: Power
  • Lesson 3: What is racism?

Module 4: Privilege & Fairness 

  • Lesson 1: Equality vs Equity
  • Lesson 2: What is privilege?

Module 5: Solidarity & Action

  • Lesson 1: Responding to racism 
  • Lesson 2: I will be anti-racist 
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The memory I can't shake, the why behind Ally Elementary

Now that the marches are over and the protest signs have made their way into recycling bins there is still a piece of that 9 minute 29 second murder that I think of almost daily. It is the moment when George Floyd called out for his momma. He was staring death in the face and the comfort that he needed was from his sweet momma. Even though he was calling out for his mom, I couldn’t help but feel like he was talking to moms everywhere. Calling on us to work together to create change. When I sat down to really reflect on how we as moms, parents, and guardians, could answer that call, Ally Elementary was born.


We have the power to dismantle one of the most insidious systems that we all operate within: racism. It’s clear that we cannot depend on the world around us to teach our children these values. It is our responsibility to help our kiddos light their anti-racist spark and I truly believe that the most important education begins around our dinner tables, snuggled up on the couch, and in the quiet moments before bed time. Ally Elementary is the only curriculum of its kind that’s created for families who are truly committed to raising the courageous, anti-racist allies our communities need.  So what do ya say momma? Are you ready to answer the call together?

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Hi, I'm Jasmine Bradshaw! 

I am a researcher, anti-racist educator, and podcaster who truly believes that creating a more loving, inclusive, and just society starts within the sacred walls of our homes.

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